Digital Impressions

iTero®, 3M™ True Definition, 3Shape Trios®, CareStream™, E4D Planmeca® Plan Scan

For CareStream™ & E4D Planmeca® Plan Scan:

1. Go to, select “Dental Practice,” and enter your login information.
2. Choose “New Case” and use the form to enter the procedure, shade, patient details and any additional notes.
3. Upload the impression file(s) and submit your case!

For iTero®:

1. Call iTero tech support at 800-577-8767, select option 2 and ask them to add Ultimate Dental LLC as a lab partner.
2. Select Ultimate Dental LLC as your lab partner and submit your digital file.

For 3M™ True Definition:

1. Call 3M Digital service by dialing 800-634-2249. Select option 3, and then option 1.
2. Request that they add Ultimate Dental LLC to your account.
3. Log out then log back into your 3M True Definition account.
4. Select Ultimate Dental LLC from the laboratory options.

For 3Shape Trios®:

1. In your 3Shape Communicate Account, add to your list of labs.
2. Call us at 208-398-2119 to accept your connection.
3. Ultimate Dental LLC must authorize your connection to our workflow before you can transfer files.
4. Once we confirm your request, visit Laboratory Selection and select Ultimate Dental LLC as your laboratory.