Free Staff Training

Staff Training

Finding, training, and retaining a great staff is a key part in building a successful restorative practice. One of the biggest benefits to our customers is the opportunity for FREE staff training and support. Obviously, we have more resources here in the lab, but sessions can be arranged in your office or online.
We realize the importance of staff in helping give you our best work. Much of what we need are staff tasks, in fact most of what we need will involve records generated by your chair-side or lab assistant. A better trained staff increases productivity per hour for the doctor. It’s another of the many ways we offer extended support to our customers.
Coming here for a course? Bring your assistant along and we will work with them on lab assistant skills as you learn with the doctors. Best of all, it’s free. That’s right, FREE as a benefit to our customers.

Training Programs Include:

Diagnostic Models
Digital Photography
Custom Trays and Transfer Bite Rims
Treatment Planning
Shade Selection
Material Selection
Lab Communication
Understanding Implant Dentistry
Custom Tissue Implant Impression Copings